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The ”SAR Interferometric Processor” is a synthetic aperture radar interferometry processing system that produces SLC(Single Look Complex) images, using the data received from the SAR sensor, and generates a DEM by using two SLC images. It also generates a DDM (Digital model of the surface displacement) using a DEM and an SLC image.

<Supported SAR Sensor> 
- RadarSAR-1/2, Envisat-ASAR, ALOS-PALSAR
- TerraSAR-X, ERS-2, COSMO-SKyMed 

- Registration of two SLC images
- Interferogram calculation
- Interferogram filtering 
- Phase unwrapping 

Features and Functions

- Supports a user-oriented and easy-to-use GUI as well as batch 
  operation mode
- Automated precision image matching and fast re-sampling
- Utilizes an incremental algorithm for repetitive orbit 

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