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An unmanned drones system that can be periodically monitored over a wide area. Drone automatic operation, automatic landing technology,

ground station technology for drone control monitoring


Integrated monitoring function

Provide integrated service

through monitoring of drones

​Drone’s automatic operation

& wireless charging capability

Add more versatility

through adding wireless charging

Real-time image analysis

and object detection

​Improve quick processing

by analyzing data live

Create high-value products

based on AI

Remote sensing data processing and

Provides high quality products,

custom for our clients


Measurement of volumetric/area/altitude through

3D terrain analysis (InsODM)

3D terrain analysis and

volume/terrain area calculation.

Measurement of DEM/DSM

of building/mountain topography.


(Fully Automatic Unmanned Drone Operation solution)

Providing high value-added products and customized services

by incorporating satellite ground station technology

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