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AI Profiler

The AI Profiler is an image analysis solution based on process
that everyone can create data sets, model learning, model management, etc.
User can do object detection and segmentation on various image formats
in AI Profiler.

Dataset Management

  • Dataset Management

  • Dataset Annotation

  • Raster & Vector File Import / Export

Model Management

  • AI model and algorithm

  • Training History

Processing Service

  • Training / Evaluation / Prediction

Operation Service

  • Training Monitoring

  • User AI Model Management

  • 1. What types of images can be analyzed?
    ▶ Here are 6 types of images that can be analyzed by the system: - KOMPSAT-2, 3, 3A - PlanetScope - LANDSAT-8 - Aerial photograph ▶ If you wish to analyze different types of images other than the 6 types of images in the list, please contact us for more information. - E-mail: - Tel: +82-42-862-2735
  • 2. What types of classes are analyzable through the system?
    ▶ Here are 10 types of classes that can be analyzed by the system: - Road - Bridge - Building - Chimney - Dam - Heliport - Transmission tower - Telegraph tower - Rice paddy - Field ▶ All 10 types of classes can be auto-recognized by AI.
  • 3. Can you make your own AI model?
    ▶ AI analysis models are mainly provided in 2 versions: 1. Standard model: AI models optimized for each class are installed in the system 2. User model: Users can generate their own AI model by using the algorithm provided by the system
  • 4. Can you perform labeling directly from the system?
    ▶ It is possible to create and edit vectors for three types: points, lines, and polygons. Vector layers can be created for each type. After the creation of vector objects, attributes for each object can be entered. The generated vector layer can be used as data for datasets for AI models.
  • 5. Can you use a labeling file created externally to the system?
    ▶ You can upload and use externally worked labeling files such as ArcGIS as vector layers. However, the uploading extension must be in the form of shp.
  • 6. Can you download an image result analyzed by the model?
    ▶ Image analysis results using the AI model are available in the analysis tab, and the results can be downloaded as an image file in TIFF format.
  • 7. Do you provide customizing?
    ▶ If you have any requirements that you want apart from the product specifications provided on the website, we provide you with a customized system. ▶ If you wish to build a customized system, please contact our sales representative to set up a meeting. Please contact the following address for further information. - E-mail: - Tel: +82-42-862-2735
  • 8. Where can you find a manual?
    ▶ If you purchase a product, we provide the manual and training session.
  • 9. How do you install the system after a purchase?
    ▶ If you make a purchase, our engineer will make a visit, install, and test a trial session. Due to the nature of the product, there is a minimum recommended hardware specification for the smooth operation of the system. Before purchasing, our engineer will consult with you to estimate hardware construction that meets your requirements. Please contact the following address for further explanation. - E-mail: - Tel: +82-42-862-2735
  • 10. Which browser environment is the most suitable for the system?
    ▶ We recommend using Chrome(65 or higher).

License Descriptions

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