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No.1 AI Security & Surveillance Reconnaissance Company

Why now

Space is no longer the sole domain of the governments.

Innovative commercial companies like MAXAR and AIRBUS are combining machine learning, autonomous robotics, reusable rockets, and satellites of every size and advanced capability to put the best technology on Earth into orbit, opening new, large, growing markets.

Most of all, a strong global market demand for imagery and geospatial analytics

for defense, intelligence, and commercial. 

Why HANCOM inSpace

As a combined team of over 50 aerospace engineers,

geospatial analysts, weather and ocean experts, software developers,

data scientists, and developers engineers,

InSpace apply disruptive technologies and our unique intellectual property

to both national security and commercial problems.

Pervasive data-gathering sensors, open source software, cloud computing,

machine learning, and big data analytics have provided the means to

reveal critical insights at an unprecedented global scale. 

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