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Drone Station

Total Drone status/Station status information monitoring and 
automatic battery charging station.
Korea's first automatic battery replacement & swapping station !


Drone Station (DS-S,DS-L) 

  • Fixed/mobile station operation control

  • Equipped with drone precision landing sensor

  • Equipped with drone automatic charging module

  • AWS (weather monitoring) analysis

  • Possible to operate outside with waterproof function

  • Model : DS-S (small)

  • Drone containment station

  • Weight : 410 kg

  • Size : 1350(W) x 1350(D) x 920(H) mm (Closed)
    (W) x 1350(D) x 920(H) mm (Open)


  • Model : DS-L (large)

  • Drone containment station

  • Weight : 840 kg 

  • Size : 2200(W) x 2200(D) x 900(H) mm (Closed)
    00(W) x22000(D) x 1000(H) mm (Open)

Drone Station (DS-BC-L) 

  • Automatic  battery replacing Drone Station

  • Station enabling 24-hour drone operation through automatic battery replacement

  • Support for simultaneous charging of up to 6 batteries & health monitoring

  • Establishing a cooling-heating system to maintain the interior of the drone station at room temperature

  • Model : DS-BC-L 

  • Automatic battery replacement

  • Weight : 860 kg

  • Size : 2300(W) x 2818(D) x1626(H) mm (Closed)
    (W) x 2818(D) x1626(H) mm (Open)

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