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Object Detection System



It is more important than anything to analyze the satellite image data quickly for national defense and disaster prevention. The ground station does the job of receiving and processing the data, so it has to process the satellite images as soon as possible to satisfy the user’s purpose.
The high-resolution satellite image is huge and the computation complexity of its processing is very high. Thus, the current receiving and processing system can extract little information during receiving because of the technical limitations of its hardware and software.
“High-speed object detection system for high-resolution satellite image” overcomes the limitations stated above. On receiving satellite data, this system (1) process color matching satellite images rapidly (2) display satellite image as original size using 4K display equipment and (3) detect objects of interest from satellite images. And (4) provide information on the detected objects using Multi-touch screen so that the user can analyze the information.

Features and Functions

- High-speed color matching between multi-band images
- 4K display taken high-resolution multi-display
- 1:1 Color Moving Window Display
- High-speed object of interest detection
- Maximum CPU and GPU resources utilized by processing
   pipeline parallelization
- Provision of multi-touch screen for analysis
- Multiple object detection algorithm

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