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Integrated satellite system for time-series analysis



By using time-series tool, “Integrated satellite system for time-series analysis ” processes rapidly and easily about disaster detection, downtown alteration analysis, land coverage map creation/updating with the image acquired from satellite with various sensors, optics, SAR, infrared satellite images and DEM, GIS input data all processed together by the processing module, supplies the final analyzed data to users.

The processing module is widely divided into data processing module and time-series data analysis module. (1) The data processing module performs pre-processing such as image registration and data fusion. (2) The time-series data analysis module retrieves the data relative to a subject from the database and process the time-series data. In this module, this system can supply analysis by different detection methods, classification techniques, and so on.

Features and Functions

- Adjustment and fusion of multi-sensor satellite image
- Systematic management of time-series data
- Analysis of change detection and classification
- Provide a user-friendly tool for time-series data analysis

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