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Image Analysis Services

High quality image analysis solution based on satellite/drone utilization

Change detection(road, buildings), Illegal Structure Detection,
pine tree wilt disease detection, rice paddy classification

Target detection system

based on drone image

Detect objects of interest

such as vehicle and excavator

through drone image analysis

Target detection system

based on satellite image

Detect objects of interest

such as aircraft and warships

through satellite image analysis

3D mapping, area measurement

InStation-based 3D mapping,
object detection and area measurement

Fire monitoring system

smoke/fire/temperature detection

and notification

Agricultural service

based on remote sensing

Land classification,

Analysis of fruit area damage

and result output based on RS

Rice paddy cultivation area


Rice paddy cultivation area

automatic extraction and

Prediction of rice crop yield

and calculation of result data


Image preprocessing technology

Image preprocessing and
Calibration (EO / IR / SAR)

Analysis system

of oil spill on marine

based on satellite image (SAR)

Technology development of ship detection

and ocean oil spill spread model

based on SAR image


Change detection
(road, buildings)

Change area detection

through high resolution

drone / satellite image analysis

Satellite image based

road / building segmentation

Design road and building dataset and 

Segmentation classification

using satellite imagery


Deep learning model

dataset construction

​Satellite image-based

rice cultivation area / building / road

labeling and DL model dataset construction

Pine tree death detection

pine dead tree detection analysis solution

based on drone / satellite image


Ship Detection (SAR)

Object detection model based on

ship detection and identification

using SAR satellite images

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