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It is no secret SUMBRA plays a dominant role in the world’s woven vinyl flooring manufacturers. We can see some factories in EU and other Asian countries, but SUMBRA - ECO BEAUTY woven vinyl flooring is the biggest country in woven flooring production.

Woven vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for office flooring, hotel flooring, library, and other commercial floorings. So many flooring building material companies or construction companies are want to import PVC woven vinyl flooring from China. But the problem is that they don’t know which company is the best supplier for them.

Main Product: woven vinyl flooring, woven vinyl flooring rolls, woven vinyl flooring tiles, woven vinyl flooring sheet, PVC door mat, PVC indoor and outdoor mat, Vinyl sheet, Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring, heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring, non woven vinyl wallpaper, ESD sheet vinyl, woven vinyl wall covering(woven vinyl wallpaper). commercial vinyl flooring, hospital grade sheet vinyl flooring, woven vinyl boat flooring, woven vinyl pontoon flooring, anti-fati mats, area rugs, woven vinyl rugs

SUMBRA is the leading manufacturer of woven vinyl flooring. We have more than 200,000 square meter factory, among which 30,000 square meters are for woven vinyl flooring and woven vinyl wall covering - woven vinyl wallpaper. Our Germany imported state of the art machines with our advanced technology, and professional technician will make sure our PVC woven vinyl flooring in world class quality.

Thanks for our talented designer team; we can supply all kinds of stylish designs. Currently we have more than 300 designs, and more will come every week. And it is custom made too.

Our 33 heavy commercial certified woven vinyl flooring will guarantee qualification of heavy traffic commercial applications. These are all heavy duty commercial floorings.

Basically we have 2.5mm, 2.8mm and 3mm woven vinyl flooring roll, 3.5mm and 4.5mm acoustic woven vinyl flooring tiles and woven vinyl wallpaper and woven vinyl wall covering .

All our PVC woven vinyl flooring/carpet products are share with the advantages of durable, eco-friendly recyclable, easy to clean & maintain, waterproof, scratch resistant, wear resistant, slip resistant, fireproof and sound absorption. These are perfect for both residential and commercial floorings. Our flooring is widely use in hotel, library, office, club, and home decoration.

Our world wide customers compare our quality with international brands such BOLON, DICKSON, 2tec2, ntgrate and INFINITY, our quality is good, but with much lower price, yes better than Bolon woven vinyl, bolon flooring, woven vinyl, deckmate woven vinyl pontoon flooring, hydro weave premium vinyl flooring

If you need heavy duty flooring with elegant design, woven vinyl flooring is your choice.

If you need to buy woven vinyl flooring from China, SUMBRA - ECO BEAUTY WOVEN VINYL FLOORING is your choice.

SUMBRA is brand of ECO BEAUTY, Over The Past 50 Years, SUMBRA Has Become A Respected Voice In Textiles, Furniture, And Home Fashions, While Earning A Reputation For Integrity, Product Innovation And Exceptional Customer Service.

Basically SUMBRA is doing a better job in global brand marketing, you can find SUMBRA brand woven vinyl flooring in many of the countries. Actually they also have inventory in many countries too.

If you want to buy a named brand woven vinyl carpet, vinyl woven flooring, woven vinyl flooring then SUMBRA is a good choice.

SUMBRA - ECO BEAUTY WOVEN VINYL FLOORING, located in Zhejiang Province, China. Specializes in the design and manufacturing of woven vinyl floor coverings. In our newly built 30,000 square meter factory equipped both with advanced technology and backed by world-class technical expertise, our designers and engineers have developed products which meet or exceed the technical quality and modern design characteristics.

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Our flooring solutions are a preferred solution for commercial locations such as office. hotel. showroom. club and KTV, as well as for home decoration.

Our products range in application from woven vinyl flooring, woven vinyl wall covering and woven vinyl wallpaper to door mats, and carpet. All of our products share the advantages of being durable, eco-friendly, easy to clean, waterproof, wear resistant, slip resistant, and sound absorbing. When compared to other types of traditional flooring materials, sumbra woven vinyl flooring manufacturers products are an artistic and durable floor and wall solution for both commercial and residential decoration.

With our modern technology backed by CE, ISO 9001 and 14001 Certifications, REACH test by BV. Fire resistance(Bfl-s1)test by SGS. Yike is poised to set the world standards for excellence in quality. design. and environmental stewardship.


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