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      Providing space environment and weather information using satellite observation data. Analysis of solar activity

      affecting the earth, such as research of lunar images using ShadowCAM

Features and Functions


Analysis technology of radiation dose

   - Estimation of cumulative dose of space radiation by flight path & Visualization of

      space radiation graphs and images along flight paths


Space environment visualization technology based on Unity

   - Time series analysis of space environment using RBSP data

   - 3D visualization of space environment such as the Earth's magnetic field, magnet 

      opause and solar wind & provide an alarm at risk


Space environment analysis technology using deep learning

   - Scientific analysis of solar activity affecting the Earth

   - Precise analysis of sunspots using deep learning technology


Research of Lunar images using ShadowCAM

   - Observation of Lunar Permanently Shadow Regions using ShadowCAM be mounted

      on KPLO

   - Detection and analysis of water ice in lunar PSR images, 3D image construction of

      region for water ice

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