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InSpace utilizes our own DroneSAT, a fully automated ground station, which provides various analysis data for user's research purpose.  We are providing a high-performance platform, enabling high-quality image analysis. Also, the image analysis program(InSpace DroneSAT Image Analyzer v1.1) recently acquired the level 1 GS(Good Software) certification. The DroneSAT is equipped with automatic wireless charging, with solar panels to charge the batteries, automatic takeoff/landing, also topped with AWS, an automatic weather station, to make sure the weather is suitable for drone operation.

Application Area

(1) Crop Management
- Check for pests and diseases
- Impact monitoring of pesticides
- Irrigation facility evaluation and review
- Seasonal monitoring of agricultural land changes

(2) Land Surveying
- Analysis of time series surface change
- Provide basic data for a development plan

(3) Prediction of Yield
- Estimation of the crop stress index
- Estimation of crop growth through NDVI
- Estimation of crop loss by weather

Video Link #1

Video Link #2


-DroneSAT Image Analyzer GS Certificate

-DroneSAT InStation Platform Standard Edition 1.0 GS certificate 

-DroneSAT received the President's Award from Kumoh National Institute of Technology(Korean)

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Fully Automatic Unmanned Drone Operation solution

Satellite system to Drone with customized &

high value-added data analysis for requirements

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