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Aritificial Intelligence

Object detection and classification using deep learning technology 
based on  images of drones / satellite
Land classification, analysis of fruit area damage and result output

Target detection technology

Object detection and classification

based on images of drones / satellite

(excavators, aircraft, etc)

Satellite image based
road / building segmentation

Design road and building dataset and 

Segmentation classification

using satellite imagery


Deep learning model
dataset construction

​Satellite image-based

rice cultivation area / building / road

labeling and DL model dataset construction

Reinforcement Learning based
model control,
Moving target modeling

Moving target control algorithm implementation

based on reinforcement learning

(Agent : Drone, Missile)


Reinforcement learning based
electrical productivity
patterns analysis

Implementation of optimal control algorithm

for large-capacity energy battery (ESS)

and future profit analysis 

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection model

using satellite time series telemetry data

based on deep learning


Annotation tools
for object detection

Annotation tools for training

object detection and segmentation

Death tree target modeling

Development of algorithm model

for pine tree death detection

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